If you looking for Bitcoin Doubler Script or Any Other Crypto Doubler Script? than this script will be helps you to build your own Bitcoin Altcoin Investment or any other Crypto Doubler Script Website. THS Bitcoin Doubler Script is a Highly Customisable Script that has lots of features. You Can Start your own BTC Doubler, DOGE Doubler, TRX Doubler, LTC Doubler or Any Other Crypto Doubler as well. Script comes with powerful admin and customisable user panel.

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Bitcoin Doubler Software Features


Multi Crypto Currency Coin Investment Doubler Script
Multi Crypto Currency Coin Investment Doubler Script Md01


Template System

THS Doubler Script has template system. So you can easily edit and change layouts that you want.

Payment Gateways

  1. Coinpayments
  2. Paykassa
  3. Bitcartcc  (Accept Bitcoin and Altcoin Directly into Your wallet (No Middleman) )
  4. BTCPayServer (Accept Bitcoin Directly into Your wallet (No Middleman) )
  5. ERC20 API, BEP20 API, TRC20 API

Auto Withdrawal

Script support auto payout feature. You can manage this settings via admin panel.  You can set maximum limit for auto withdrawal.  Any amount goes beyond it will become manual payout. Admin have to approve all manual payouts. Script has three gateway. You can choose between for auto payments.

  1.  Block.io
  2.  Paykassa
  3.  Coinpayments


Referral Settings

Script has extended referral setting. You can manage via admin panel. You can limit maximum payout. Any payout goes beyond will become manual payout so admin have to approve it.  You can also set minimum referral payout.


User registered and Login with their bitcoin wallet address. No need any password for register account.

Hide Admin Login

With this feature you can secure admin login page.


We have added announcement feature. You can broadcast message directly users.


We have added Shieldon Web Application Firewall with this script

  • The network-layer firewall such as CloudFlare.
  • The system-layer firewall such as iptables module.
  • To use firewall software in the Web application layer, we are capable of implementing Shieldon WAF  in a very early stage of our Multicoin Doubler Script or Bitcoin Doubler Script.
  • Shieldon analyzes all HTTP and HTTPS requests.
  • Once Shieldon WAF  has detected strange behaviors of a request, Shieldon WAF will temporarily ban them and prompt them CAPTCHA for them to unban.
  • If a request fails in a row many times (depends on your setting), they will be permanently banned in current data circle.
  • If a request has been permanently banned, but they still access your page, drop them in System-layer firewall – iptables

Customise All Routes or URls

In Recent version we have added this feature. With this feature you can customise All user routes ot urls. You can modify all routes.

For Example User Referral Url: https://domain.com/ref/ggerher So you can change “ref” to any other name like affiliate so after that iot become like https://domain.com/affiliate/ggerher

Bitcoin Doubler Script
Bitcoin Doubler Script Routes Settings


Requirement :

  • Need PHP 7.4 or Higher
  • Mysql
  • Extension :  ioncube loader, intl, mbstring, php-json, php-xml
  • Centos 7 with Cpanel or CyberPanel (Vps / Dedicated / Shared)
  • Valid SSL


Bitcoin Altcoin Mining Script
Bitcoin Altcoin Mining Script Admin Dashboard


Bitcoin Doubler Script Mass Payouts
Bitcoin Doubler Script Mass Payouts

Additional information

Singlecoin Doubler

Bitcoin Doubler, Dogecoin Doubler, Ethereum Doubler, Litecoin Doubler, Tron Doubler, USDT Doubler

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