‘EV’ stands for Extended Validation. Extended Validation SSL Certificates are a new type of SSL Certificate which is intended to give users more confidence in who you are (the legal entity who has applied for the ssl certificate) and that you control/own your web site. –


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A Green Bar SSL for your website with extended company verification.-
Time Required. 20 Days Minimum

NOTE: We might require your company documents for further verification.

What is Green Bar SSL?
EV SSL certificate will increase your sales by showing your customers a visible secure sign, the green browser address bar. The green bar, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures your site visitors that they are transacting business on a highly secured, trustworthy domain. Provides full business validation.

What is Green Address Bar
When you have an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, you can enable the EV green address bar in all browsers that support it. This gives your visitors a visual assurance of your security and can increase conversion rates on your site.


EV SSL Certificates


Thehyipshop - Ev Ssl Certificate For Hyip
Ev Ssl Certificate For Hyip


Comodo EV SSL is well equipped with latest SSL standards 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root encryption. It will enhance customer interaction with your website that will be going to give benefit in a long run.

Extended Validation:

Comodo EV SSL Certificate follows extended validation procedure and display with green address bar in the browsers. Comodo offers cheapest price EV SSL certificate in the market, so it is an ideal solution for ecommerce businesses who needs maximum security and highest authentication.

EV certificate is considered as the most trusted SSL amongst all different types in which you need to provide all required documents about your organization. The process may take up to 7-10 business days and upon approval, your website will have a green address bar containing the legal identity of your business.

Increase Trust:

When a green address bar and company name actuates on your website, customers easily put trust on your website. It also reflects that your business identity is verified with a stringent validation procedure by Comodo. Additionally, your website will have a dynamic site seal that also proves that your website is safe for online transactions and carries the highest authentication.

Browsers Compatibility & Warranty:

All major browsers support Comodo EV SSL Single Domain certificate whether it is a desktop browser or mobile browser. If there is a mis-issuance happened, you will be covered by $1750K warranty amount by Comodo CA and in case, if you are not satisfied with the product you will have 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

Valued Price:

Most of the buyers have misconceptions about the price of EV SSL, they think; EV means higher Price! But it is not true; you can buy Comodo EV SSL at cheapest price from SSL2BUY. Therefore, you do not have to pay higher prices for your desired SSL security. You will get the same product as you buy from other vendors at the lowest possible price.

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